How many "don't mind" sentences have you heard in your life? At that time, you said to him, "I already have it. "I don't mind," he said You say, "I can't give you all my love." "I don't mind," he said You ask, "don't you mind my past?" "I don't mind," he said with great certainty ——---Then, one day, he began to mind all the things he had said he didn't mind. Didn't he ever say that he didn't mind? At that moment, you have to hold him to tears. Who knows, time passes, he forgot what he said. ——---The next time you hear the word "don't mind", you know that when you can't get it, you can never mind anything. When I got it, I was a little concerned about everything. ——---This is, I hope you don't mind. ============▲ [what did I do wrong] there is a saying that we hope we will never have to say in our life, that is: what did I do wrong? When the other side put forward, we asked in tears: what did I do wrong, you tell me, I will change. Did you say that in the past or today? When you give up, you usually don't get paid back. This sentence is just a glorious farewell to each other. He waved his sleeves and said: you didn't do anything wrong, it was my fault. You didn't do anything wrong. I don't love you. It's my fault. What can I do with you? If you must say that you have done wrong, then your only fault is not to love me first. ============▲ [sometimes stupid, sometimes not stupid] men are sometimes stupid, they often don't understand the mind. When you break up, you cry and say: I will never see you again. Get out of here! As a result, he really rolled away. He hugged you. You pushed him away and said, "don't touch me again!"! It turned out he was. In fact, when you say to break up, it seems to break up, but in fact, it is not so. As long as he asks you, you may feel soft. However, when he went back in desperation, he didn't look for you any more. He thought you really wanted to break up. ——---Because he won't look for you, and you won't look for him, you really broke up. If he is not so stupid, the result may be different. In the face of his beloved woman, can't he see that there is still room for recovery? ——---Of course, they are not too stupid, when you say: you go to die! They're not going to die. At this time, they are very smart and know that you are not serious.